Project Management

DSP Project Management services range from comprehensive management of the entire study to management of only parts of the study. From startup through conduct and closeout, DSP is ready to precisely manage your study. Additionally, we utilize a customized CTMS (Trialtrak) to manage your trial’s resources and milestones.

As clinical trials and study protocols become increasingly complex, we can meet your most demanding study requirements and take on as much of the study planning as you need. We work closely with you from project onset to make sure we fully understand your goals, timeline, budget, and expectations.

We are confident about our tested processes, yet we are not afraid to use creative approaches and out-of-the-box thinking when new challenges arise.

DSP Project Management services include:

Study Startup

Success in a study begins with analysis and planning. DSP delivers high level execution in the startup phase, using highly experienced project managers to drive success:

  • Protocol development and review.
  • Site/Investigator identification and selection.
  • Contract and budget negotiations.
  • Regulatory document and study file collection and management.
  • Clinical supply planning.
  • Investigator meeting setup and execution.

Study Conduct

DSP takes a proactive and hands-on approach to project management to ensure success and forward movement in your study. Our project management methodology focuses on results while stressing communication and a process-driven approach:

  • Management of study team functions.
  • Timeline and budget management.
  • Regulatory and compliance audits.
  • Enrollment tracking.
  • SAE management and tracking.
  • Status report and executive summary creation.
  • Vendor management.

Study Closeout

Completing a study on time and within budget is the goal of any sponsor. DSP takes pride in maintaining the highest level of satisfaction for our clients in these two areas, while being able to deliver quality at the same time.

  • Final budget reconciliation and payments.
  • Timeline review and lessons learned.


We use a proprietary web-based clinical trial management system (CTMS) to track, manage, and report on all aspects of each study. Trialtrak provides the entire team with real-time information and a variety of reporting options, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate on study documents, site status, and other critical information.

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