About Us

At DSP, we understand that time is money and we take a proactive, focused approach to all of our studies and services.

DSP executives and support staff come directly from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, enabling us to better understand your needs and view studies from your perspective: How can we do the study better, faster, and under budget?

We are skilled at identifying and resolving potential study issues early on and strategically allocating resources to ensure project completion on time and on budget. We always have Plan B in place when studies do not go as anticipated.

At DSP, we have developed proven internal SOPs and QA metrics to ensure that quality systems are in place and rigorously followed during every client’s clinical study.

In the past several years, we have managed and/or monitored more than 100 Phase I – IV clinical trials in various therapeutic areas and have filed 24 NDAs and PMAs.

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